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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of a domain in math?

In math, a domain is the amount of x-values that will fit into a certain function that will give you a real number as an answer. For example, in the function -5x^2, the domain would be infinite, while the highest value of y would be 0, and anything below the x-axis would be fair game.

What is the difference between domain and range in math?

Domain is what is put into a function, whereas range is what is the result of the function with the domain value. Summary. 1. Domain and range are prime factors that decide the applicability of mathematical functions. 2. Domain is the independent variable and range is the dependent variable.

What is domain in calculus?

domain calculus. A form of relational calculus in which scalar variables take values drawn from a given domain. Examples of the domain calculus are ILL, FQL, DEDUCE and the well known Query By Example (QBE).

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