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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Chandon Chandon Brut?

Crisp, fresh and effortlessly cool, our Chandon Brut is your go-to choice bubbly for entertaining, sipping and gifting. A classic expression of our California vineyards, signature green apple, pear and citrus notes precede a soft, dry finish.

Why Domaine Chandon Napa Valley?

Domaine Chandon provides visitors one of the most beautiful locations in Napa Valley to taste and learn about its award-winning portfolio year-round.

What kind of wine is Chandon Yountville?

Domaine Chandon Yountville marked a new direction for the world of California sparkling wines, and the industry has never looked back. The Chandon Brut is steady as it has always been. TASTING NOTES: This wine is subtle, fresh, almost complex, and perfect.

What makes Chandon California different from Champagne?

Vibrant, fresh, approachable, Chandon California uses the same three noble grape varieties used in Champagne (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Meunier), but our grapes enjoy the sunnier Californian climate, resulting in flavor that is more fruit-forward. We invite you to grab your squad, pop a bottle, and discover more.

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