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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Domaine Chandon Napa Valley?

Domaine Chandon provides visitors one of the most beautiful locations in Napa Valley to taste and learn about its award-winning portfolio year-round.

What makes Domaine Chandon Chandon so special?

Domaine Chandon is one of the Napa Valley’s iconic and well- visited wineries; they are only one of four Napa Valley based wineries that focus on sparkling wine production, i.e. Champagne style wines (the others being Mumm Napa Valley, Domain Carneros and Schramsberg).

What to do at Chandon Winery?

Join us at the Chandon winery for some exceptional experiences including private cabanas, picnics and food and wines pairings. Envision breathtaking panoramic views, fresh vineyard air and delicious sparkling wines. JOIN CLUB CHANDON AND BECOME IMMERSED IN THE ULTIMATE CHANDON EXPERIENCE.

What is a Chandon club membership?

Club Chandon is a rich community of wine enthusiasts who share lasting memories and award-winning wines with friends new and old. As a Club Member, you’ll receive first access to fully customizable shipments of Chandon right to your door, including limited editions and special cuvées crafted exclusively for members.

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