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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money does a doordasher earn?

DoorDash is one of the best ways to make money delivery food. DoorDashers earn approximately $10 to $14 per hour and get to keep 100% of your tips. In some cities, you can earn on your bike or by walking. There are no dress codes required to be a DoorDasher.

Does DoorDash pay you well?

Because of DoorDash's pay rate, you can generally expect to earn at least $10 to $15 per hour as a courier. And, with some practice and luck, earning $20 to $25 per hour is possible. On the other hand, if you don't enjoy driving or don't have much spare time, this probably isn't the best side hustle idea.

Is being a DoorDash driver worth it?

Is Being A DoorDash Driver Worth It? If you want to make easy money and set your own hours, then yes, it is worth it. If you become a top Dasher and are diligent with it, you can make up to $1000 a week, working six days a week.

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