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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DVMT and how does it work?

When set to DVMT, the graphics chip will dynamically allocate system memory as graphics memory, according to system and graphics requirements.

What is DVMT memory operating mode?

The DVMT Memory operating mode allows the graphics driver to dynamically allocate system memory for use by the graphics processor. When no graphics-intensive operations are occuring, most of the DVMT memory can be reallocated to the operating system for other uses.

What is Intel's Dynamic video memory technology (DVMT)?

Intel’s Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) takes that concept further by allowing the system to dynamically allocate memory resources according to the demands of the system at any point in time. The key idea in DVMT is to improve the efficiency of the memory allocated to either system or graphics processor.

Can I change the DVMT under Windows 7?

Windows® VistaTM / 7 OS because the driver will intelligently detect physical memory available and allocate necessary video memory". In summary, you can't change DVMT under Window 7. But I see no reason to lower the size. You might lower the shared RAM size. 08-24-2011 01:28 PM

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