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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in easycbm Lite?

Our new version of easyCBM Lite contains all the features you've grown to love, but now includes many interface improvements which were previously only available to District users. Teachers spoke; we listened.

How do I create an account for easycbm Lite and teacher deluxe?

In order to create an account, easyCBM Lite and Teacher Deluxe Editions do require that all users create a user name and password, which is stored on the site, and collects personal information such as name, email, school, district, state, or other information if necessary, depending on the needs of easyCBM Lite and Teacher Deluxe Editions.

How much does easyeasycbm cost?

easyCBM is available through HMH on an annual subscription license for districts. Price is $5/student/year. The price includes manuals and use of the assessments.

What is in the easycbm technical manual?

This Technical Manual summarizes the ongoing research that is the foundation of the easyCBM© assessments in reading, mathematics, and Spanish literacy.

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