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Frequently Asked Questions

Does easycbm have maze Reading measures?

Does easyCBM have Maze Reading measures? easyCBM does not have Maze Reading measures. "Maze" measures are passages with words missing (either at random, or on a (read more...) December 10th, 2020 ... [ Reading ] I have read aloud accommodations for a student, is there an option for the assessments to be read aloud? (read more...)

What is a CBM-maze?

CBM-Maze: Description CBM-Maze passages are timed (3-minute) reading comprehension assessments with a multiple-choice response format. The student reads and completes the passage silently. CBM-Maze can be administered to a single student, a small group, or an entire class (Espin et al., 2010).

What is easycbm?

Beginning with a grant from the federal Office of Special Education Programs in 2006, easyCBM has been refined with over $5 million of additional grant funding from the Institute of Education Sciences. easyCBM is widely recognized as one of the most state-of-the-art systems in support of Response to Intervention available today.

What CBM materials can be customized for students?

Custom ORF and Maze Passage Probes: Schools can create their own customized CBM materials for reading fluency &comprehension: Oral Reading Fuency Probes: Oral Reading Fluency probes assess students' proficiency in reading connected text.

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