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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-commerce credit card processor?

To put it simply, an E-commerce credit card processor is an online payment system that allows the user to pay for their purchase securely. There are many E-commerce credit card processors in the online marketplace however, not all of them are reliable.

What is affordable merchant web hosting?

Affordable hosting does not mean lower quality, it simply refers to the value you receive for your hard earned money. We believe inexpensive merchant web hosting can be the best hosting. These merchant hosting companies include far to many services to list on this page.

What is an e-commerce merchant account?

e-Commerce merchant accounts enable merchants to accept credit cards and debit cards for payment on products or services. This account is provided by a processing bank that’s a member of Visa and MasterCard directly or through a third party. It links all of the components of accepting cards into one system.

Are e-commerce accounts a high risk area for credit card sales?

However, e-commerce accounts sometimes gets put into a high-risk area for credit card sales, but one of the issues comes down to chargebacks. Find out why low-risk merchant account service providers may not like handling accounts for e-commerce companies.

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