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Frequently Asked Questions

Is India overestimating growth?

Stating that a variety of evidence suggests that it is likely that India's GDP growth is being overestimated by the new methodology, he said the country's sustained high measured GDP growth after 2011, despite large negative macro-economic shocks, is in contrast to the experience of other large emerging markets.

What is the per capita of India?

The country's per-capita monthly income is estimated to have risen by 6.8 per cent to Rs 11,254 during 2019-20, government data on national income showed on Tuesday. In 2018-19, the monthly per-capita income had stood at Rs 10,534.

What is the current state of the economy in India?

The Indian economy is in early recovery stage where consumer demand and industrial production is beginning to improve. In full recovery, manufacturers undertake capital expenditure to expand production. Inventories are low, inflation is high and commodity sector and energy sector perform well.

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