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Frequently Asked Questions

What country has the highest GDP growth?

GDP Growth By Country. The top countries with the highest gross domestic product growth are Libya, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. GDP is a calculation of the increase in the inflation-adjusted market value of the goods and services produced.

What is the economic growth rate in the UK?

The UK economy will enjoy its fastest growth in more than 70 years in 2021 as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, according to the Bank of England. The economy is expected to expand by 7.25% this year, with extra government spending helping to limit job losses. However, it follows a contraction of 9.9% in 2020, the biggest in 300 years.

What is the United Kingdom GDP?

United Kingdom GDP. The gross domestic product (GDP) measures of national income and output for a given country's economy. The gross domestic product (GDP) is equal to the total expenditures for all final goods and services produced within the country in a stipulated period of time.

What is the economy of the UK?

Economy of the United Kingdom. The service sector dominates the UK economy, contributing around 80% of GDP; the financial services industry is particularly important, and London is the world's largest financial centre. Britain's aerospace industry is the second-largest national aerospace industry.

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