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What is the average GDP growth rate under Obama and Trump?

In his eight years in office, U.S. GDP growth averaged 1.62% under Obama, about 70% higher than Trump’s growth rate. Here’s a look at average GDP growth rates under the last six U.S. presidents:

How has the US economy performed under Trump and Obama?

A look at economic growth shows why. The economy grew just shy of 1 percent in Obama’s first term when the Great Recession took its toll. Growth improved to 2.3 percent in Obama’s second term. Under Trump, the economy is on track to average slightly above zero in his first term because of the sharp losses from the pandemic.

Is economic growth really that bad during President Trump's first three years?

The fact of the matter is that economic growth could best be described as OK during President Trump's first three years in office. An average annual GDP growth of 2.5% is certainly not earth-shattering. 1. Corporate tax cut. All US-based publicly traded stocks had to be revalued higher after the corporate tax rate was slashed. 2. Buybacks.

How much has Trump’s tax cut boosted economic growth?

For Trump the high point was 2.83% in 2018 when the tax cut seems to have had the largest impact and even fell short of Obama’s 2014 and 2015 growth rates of 3.06% and 3.05%, respectively. In 2019 the adjusted growth rate was only 1.99%. This is less than Obama’s three last years in office and less than five of his last six years.

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