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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the German economy so strong?

A main reason that Germany’s economy is so strong is that it has a large middle class. The German educational system promotes equality and prepares individuals for middle-class jobs that are in demand. Germany maintains high levels of employment, and its social infrastructure has proven to be effective.

What are the main economic activities of Germany?

Germany is dominated by manufacturing industries including automotive, chemicals, metals such as iron and steel, electrical equipment, coal, ships, machine tools, high precision equipment, optics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and plastic goods. Germany earns about $1.5 trillion from its exports.

How does Germany rank in the world economy?

Germany is Europe's largest national economy and ranks fourth as the largest economy by nominal GDP in the world. It is also the fifth largest economy in the world by GDP (PPP). Germany is among the founders of the European Union and the Eurozone. The economy of the country is based on a social market economy.

What is the secret of Germany's economic success?

German economic strength: The secrets of success Euro bliss. There is no doubt that Germany has benefited greatly from the euro. ... Labour reforms. But there are other, deep-rooted reasons behind Germany's current economic pre-eminence in Europe, not least in fact the relatively low number of hours spent at work and in ... Job skills. ... Lessons learned. ...

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