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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current economic condition of Greece?

Although the economy of Greece had improved in recent decades due to the industrial development and tourism, presently the country faces a large and severe economic crisis. The currency of money in Greece since January 2002 is the euro, which replaced drachma. The preparation for the Olympic Games of 2004 gave an impulse to the Greek economy.

Why was the economy of ancient Greece so strong?

Imported goods were one of the key components of the economy, especially agricultural imports due to Greece’s low quality soil. While the ancient economy was strong, the economy’s strength was determined by different standards than what are used to define modern economies. There was not much direct taxation in Ancient Greece.

What happened to the Greek economy in 2011?

Greece economy saw growth rates of -7,1% in 2011, -4,9% in 2010, -3,1% in 2009 and -0,2% in 2008. The financial assistance by the EU and the IMF had no impressive results and the austerity packages had been met with anger by the public, leading to riots, social unrest, and strikes.

What is the economic outlook for Greece in 2021?

Greece Economic Growth The economy is seen rebounding strongly in 2021, supported by reviving private and capital spending and incoming EU funding. Moreover, the gradual easing of Covid-19 restrictions globally should bolster the crucial tourism industry.

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