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Frequently Asked Questions

How can elevated GGT levels be treated?

Method 1 of 3: Reducing GGT through Your Diet Eat more eggs and poultry. These contain an antioxidant called glutathione which reduces high levels of GGT in your bloodstream. Decrease the amount of red meats that you eat. Unlike white meat and eggs, red meats like beef and pork do not contain glutathione. Eat 10 or 11 servings of vegetables each week. ... Consume 5-6 servings of fruit weekly. ...

What is the significance of elevated GGT levels?

An elevated GGT level suggests that a condition or disease is damaging the liver but does not indicate specifically the cause of the damage. In general, the higher the level, the greater the damage to the liver.

What causes high GGT levels?

Low levels of GGT are observed in certain genetic diseases where the flow of bile from liver is interrupted or suppressed. Drugs that may cause an elevated GGT level include phenytoin, carbamazepine, and barbiturates such as phenobarbital.

What causes high GGT?

Elevated GGT level can occur due to obesity. Causes for elevation or high levels GGT levels can be increased by alcohol phenytoin (Dilantin), an anti-seizure medication, and phenobarbitol, an antiseizure medication and sedative, and decreased by clofibrate, an anticholesterol drug, and birth control pills.

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