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Frequently Asked Questions

What are possible causes of elevated lipase?

Cholecystitis, an infection of the gallbladder, can cause lipase levels to rise. Lipase levels may also be elevated in people who have an intestinal blockage, a condition that may happen in people who have scar tissue in their abdomens from prior surgeries.

What does an elevated lipase indicate?

A lipase test, also known as a serum lipase test, can show whether levels of lipase are high. High levels may indicate a problem with the pancreas. The doctor may also check levels of another enzyme, called amylase, at the same time as the lipase test. This can provide more information that will help with diagnosing a disorder of the pancreas.

What foods are high in lipase?

Lipases are enzymes that do the job of digesting fats, making them a vital component of any list of enzymes. Lipases break triglycerides down into fatty acids and glycerol. Some of these digestive enzymes are found in fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and other foods.

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