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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I setup Office 365 email on mobile devices?

Here's how to manage access for mobile devices that already have Office 365: Log into the portal. Navigate to the Exchange Admin Center (EAC.) Search for a user with a mobile device. Double click the mailbox to open properties. Then select Mailbox Features. Under Mobile Devices, click on View Details. Select the device you want to add, and click Allow. To block unwanted devices, highlight them and select Block.

What is 365 email?

Office 365 is the official email service for the University of Wyoming. In addition to email Office 365 provide document storage and collaboration with OneDrive Pro and the ability to edit common documents with Office Web Apps.

Is Outlook 365 free?

The free browser-based version of Outlook is very limited, contains targeted ads, and has limited storage capabilities. On the other hand, when you download Outlook, you’ll get full access to the program, plus all the Microsoft 365 essential tools, with no charge for the first 30 days. Benefits of an Outlook subscription: 6 Users

Does Office 365 include Outlook?

Yes, Outlook is currently included with 365 Home Premium (at this time). 365 is a rental scheme. You keep paying rent on the package for as long as you use it. There are also little publicized "Office 2013" "traditional" installs.

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