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Frequently Asked Questions

How does email work at NPS?

Email, which is provided through Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Web Access, as well as with our internal bulk email application, enables greater means of communication with the NPS campus, whether on or off site. Email is central to business at NPS, and is one of the most important services that ITACS supports.

Is the login for Office 365 compatible with the @npsk12 domain?

The login for Office 365 is not compatible with the domain. For more information and help on how to use our new email system, please take a look at our Office 365 page For information on accessing your Office 365 spam quarantine, please visit here.

How do I access the NPS intranet?

Setup instructions for downloading your e-mail to your computer can be found at (Authentication required) The NPS Intranet Homepage is accessible on campus or while connected to the VPN.

What VPNs does NPS support?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure connection to the NPS internal network. NPS supports connections from the Palo Alto Networks GlobalProtect (SSL) VPN client, and from the GlobalProtect VPN (IPSec) client. GlobalProtect uses Microsoft’s Multi-Factor Authentication to connect.

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