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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an email account for free?

1 Go to in a web browser. Gmail is Google's free email service. 2. Click More options. It's a blue link near the bottom of the window. 3. Click Create account. 4. Enter your name in the labeled fields. 5. Enter a unique username. This will be your email address: [username] 6. Create and confirm a password.

How do you set up a new outlook account?

Setting up Outlook Open your Outlook program and then click "Tools" from the menu bar. Select "Accounts" towards the bottom of the Tools drop down menu. Click the "Add" button to add a new email address. Select "Mail" from the drop-down menu that appears. Type in your email address and password. Select IMAP from the "type" box.

When did I created my Gmail account?

Gmail, the webmail service created by Google back in April 2004 has come a long ways since its launch. Although the public launch was sometime in 2007, there was an invite system where people can sign up. Officially Google does not offer any option to find out when you created your Google (or Gmail) account.

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