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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open an email account?

Quick Answer. To open a new email account, go to the website of your desired email service provider, and click on the Create a New Account link. Follow the steps, and input your information to create a new account.

How do I make a Google account without phone number?

Here Is The Two Method about Create Google Account Without Phone Number: Method One: ⇒ First of all, you can create your own Gmail account in the same way that you open a Gmail account. Here you can use your phone number or old Gmail account. It is better for me to use your number because you use your old Gmail account.

How can I create a Gmail account without a number?

Follow below steps to create a gmail account without phone verification: Open gmail official website on your PC or smartphone. After that just open register form and fill it till the Birthday field. Like we filled in the below image. fill wrong date of birth and get gmail account without phone number verification.

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