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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you add an email account to your computer?

Click the Start button. When the Start Menu appears, click the Mail icon. Once you launch the Mail app, click the Settings icon in the lower left-hand corner. Select Manage Accounts from the Settings menu appeared in the right side. Next click Add account. When the “Choose an account” window appears, choose the type of email account you want to add.

How do you access your email on your computer?

Type in the website where you normally access your email. Enter this information in the address bar, located at the top of the web browser, and press "Enter.". If you use email from your place of work or through an Internet service provider's own email service, visit the website that was provided to you when you first got the email account.

How do I find my email address on my computer?

Find email addresses that have been used on your computer with web-based email programs, such as Gmail or Hotmail. First go to the login page for that email service. Click on the box where users would input their email address to log in. Click the down arrow on your computer keypad.

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