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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a Microsoft email address?

Use the following steps to use an existing email address for your Microsoft Account: From the Sign in to your PC screen, enter your email address and then click Next. Enter your information as requested, then click Next. Enter your Phone number, Secret question, and/or an Alternate email and then click Next.

How do you change your Microsoft email address?

To change your primary email for your Microsoft account, follow the instructions below: Go to Microsoft account page and sign in. Click Your info. Click Manage how you sign in to Microsoft. Click Add email. Select Add an existing email address as Microsoft account alias. Click Make primary.

How do I create a Microsoft Outlook email address?

Creating an Email. Click on the “Home” tab at the top of Outlook. Click on “New Email.” This opens a new, blank email. Alternately, press CTRL + Shift + M on your keyboard to open a new, blank email. Type the subject or title of your message into the “Subject” field. Type the recipient’s email address into the “To” box.

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