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Frequently Asked Questions

What is free mass email program?

Bigg Mass Mailer is a free tool for generating mass mailings. The best thing about this tool (aside from the price) is probably its simplicity. Bigg Mass Mailer has a very clean and straightforward interface that allows you to specify your mail server’s credentials, compose your message, import your mailing list, and click Send.

Can bulk mail be personalized?

A bulk email service is a company that allows its customers to send mass email messages to multiple lists of recipients at a specified time. With this service, you can send a single message to thousands of people on a mailing list or a personalized email to each address on a list . A bulk email service can send emails to a list of any size.

What is a bulk email sender?

Bulk email is advertisement or marketing message that is sent repeatedly. The message is sent as a mass mailing to huge numbers of recipients at one time. The senders of bulk emails are mostly companies and organizations. Types of bulk emails: newsletters; news bulletins; notifications; mailing list discussions;

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