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Frequently Asked Questions

How to secure your account with multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Adding an additional step of security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will help secure your account furthermore. Enabling the Multi-Factor Authentication will require another device such as your mobile phone to authenticate and confirm your identity.

How do I set up MFA without admin access?

Create a new user without admin access, use that account to sign in with MFA and go through the process of configuring and using the standard set of applications staff will use to see if there are issues. Look at how users will register for MFA and choose which methods and factors to use, and how you will track and audit registrations.

How can MFA improve the user experience on your network?

If MFA means that a user accessing a non-critical file share or calendar on the corporate network from a known device that has all the current OS and antimalware updates sees fewer challenges— and no longer faces the burden of 90-day password resets— then you can actually improve the user experience with MFA.

How to run a successful MFA marketing campaign?

Your MFA marketing campaign also needs to continue during and after deployment, actively reaching out to staff and asking them to take back in polls or feedback sessions. Start that with the pilot group and continue it once everyone is using MFA. Even when you ask for it, don’t rely on user feedback to tell you about problems.

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