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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best web hosting company in Dubai?

Web Hosting in Dubai, UAE. At UAE Hosting we offer you shared, dedicated and cloud web hosting services. UAE Hosting is the leading domain and web hosting company in Dubai. If you need a website hosting company that would not only host your domain name, but properly register it under your company or...

Why e-mail marketing in Dubai UAE?

Its specifically design for business email services in Dubai UAE, for more details please click here. E-Mail Marketing is the only way to save time get to your existing clients and new clients to introduce your projects, product or services in Dubai, UAE.

Why choose reseller hosting UAE?

Our reseller hosting provide freedom to sell or host unlimited domains according to your own pricing. We at Hosting UAE are providing you different options for your VPS server requirements from small VPS to larger one starting from 100 AED monthly.

How to start a website in Dubai?

Domain Registration is the first logical step towards having your website. Top level domains are few and one should book local country extension .AE for Dubai, to get the best exposure locally. We provide local hosting as well, making us the top choice for Dubai based businesses.

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