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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online - MGA direct?

MGA Direct is your chance to earn a degree at your pace and on your schedule. These fully online programs, composed of 8-week courses, let you pursue a quality education at an affordable price from the comfort of home. CHECK OUT UPCOMING CLASSES (CHOOSE "ONLINE - MGA DIRECT" FROM THE "BY COURSE TYPE")

When should you apply to Middle Georgia State University?

No worries – MGA Direct’s continuous admissions model means you can apply any time. Once you are accepted, you can start as soon as the next term begins. Middle Georgia State is one of the most affordable public state universities in Georgia.

Why are Mga direct classes offered on a 16-week schedule?

In order to promote student success, a limited number of MGA Direct classes with particularly intensive coursework may be offered only on a traditional 16-week schedule. Contact your MGA Direct advisor for details.

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