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Frequently Asked Questions

Which apostrophe is acceptable in an e-mail address?

An apostrophe in the <local-part> of the e-mail address is acceptable. >is there a document that shows the valid and invalid sysmbols? SMTP addresses.

What is acceptable email address syntax according to RFC 1?

Acceptable email address syntax according to RFC 1 Email syntax basics. The syntax for an email address is familiar to most Internet users. ... 2 Local part 3 Domain part. The domain part cannot be more than 255 characters in length and must conform to the specification for hostnames which is a list of dot-separated DNS labels.

What characters can be quoted in RFC 3696?

RFC 3696 Checking and Transformation of Names February 2004 The exact rule is that any ASCII character, including control characters, may appear quoted, or in a quoted string. When quoting is needed, the backslash character is used to quote the following character. For example [email protected] is a valid form of an email address.

Why can’t you use apostrophes in login logins?

Or many services are miffed if you use your apostrophe in your login. It’s an attack on their databases. Reference: Exploits of a Mom, note the single quote after Robert. It makes sense to forbid apostrophes to avoid customers complaining bitterly.

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