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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the email address of the author of RFC 2223?

.ti 0 Author's Address .nf David Waitzman BBN Systems and Technologies Corporation BBN Labs Division 10Moulton StreetCambridge, MA 02238 Phone: (617) 873-4323 EMail: [email protected] Postel & Reynolds Informational [Page 19] RFC 2223Instructions to RFC Authors October 199721.

What is the current RFC for email addresses?

Fortunately, RFC 822 was superseded twice and the current specification for email addresses is RFC 5322. RFC 5322 leads to a regex that can be understood if studied for a few minutes and is efficient enough for actual use.

What is an RFC 822 email?

Published in 1982, RFC 822 was based on the earlier RFC 733 for the ARPANET. Internet email messages consist of two sections, 'header' and 'body'. These are known as 'content'. The header is structured into fields such as From, To, CC, Subject, Date, and other information about the email.

Can authors send different versions of RFCs to the editor?

If the authors have small corrections to the text, they should be sent to the RFC Editor separately (or as a "diff"), authors should not send a new version of the document. In some cases, authors prepare alternate secondary versions of RFCs in fancy format using PostScript.

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