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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a postmaster address?

The postmaster address is an RFC mandated specification. Essentially every e-mail domain on the planet should have one as a best practice. Typically the e-mail that is received at this address is sent or shared with the mailserver administrator.

Which RCPT commands are required to accept mail for postmaster?

The requirement to accept mail for postmaster implies that RCPT commands which specify a mailbox for postmaster at any of the domains for which the SMTP server provides mail service, as well as the special case of "RCPT TO:<Postmaster>" (with no domain specification), MUST be supported.

What is postmaster (computing) error?

Postmaster (computing) Error e-mails automatically generated by mail servers' MTAs usually appear to have been sent to the postmaster address. Every domain that supports the SMTP protocol for electronic mail is required by RFC 5321 and, as early as 1982, by RFC 822, to have the postmaster address.

Why is my postmaster address being sent as spam?

Since most domains have a postmaster address, it is commonly targeted by spamming operations. Even if not directly spammed, a postmaster address may be sent bounced spam from other servers that mistakenly trust fake return-paths commonly used in spam.

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