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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RFC 822 message?

The Internet RFC 822 specification defines an electronic message format consisting of header fields and an optional message body. The header fields contain information about the message, such as the sender, the recipient, and the subject. If a message body is included, it is separated from the header fields by an empty line ( ).

What is the value of the rfc822name?

The value of the RFC822Name contains an email address whom this certificate is issued.

Which RFC defines the Internet e-mail address?

The RFC which defines the Internet E-mail ("electronic mail") address is RFC 822, titled Standard for the format of ARPA Internet text messages, is one of the oldest and most fundamental Internet standards (registered as STD 11).

What is RFC 733?

The specification of RFC #733 took place over the course of one year, using the ARPANET mail environment, itself, to provide an on-going forum for discussing the capabilities to be included. More than twenty individuals, from across the country, participated in the original discussion.

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