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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I sign in to qqmail?

Your browser does not support or has already prohibited cookies, so unable to sign in as usual. Please Enable Cookie and try it again. You are attempting to log in a Tencent website. Do you want to authorize the following account to sign in QQMail. It is case insensitive. QQMail, Keep us in Touch! but the silence of our friends.

What do students have access to at Qu?

Students may gain access to their QU e-mail and calendars, WebAdvisor, the campus course registration system, Blackboard, the campus learning management system, and the QCard system, which allows students to manage their campus spending account.

What is Myq?

MyQ is an Internet portal available to all faculty, staff and students on the Quinnipiac campus. It features a single point of access for University news and events, Quinnipiac e-mail, links to all campus technology applications and a calendar highlighting daily events. MyQ provides resources that students need for daily life on campus.

What is the Qatar University institutional repository?

The Qatar University institutional repository aims to increase visibility of the original research and scholarly works of the QU community on a local and global level, capture the academic activities of QU, facilitate institutional academic achievement, and provide a permanent portal of access to resources for the QU community.

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