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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you sign in to email?

Open the email containing the document to sign, tap on the document attachment as usual to preview it within the Mail app (the document can be PDF or otherwise) then tap the toolbox icon. Tap on the Signature button in the lower right corner of the Markup preview. Use a finger on the touch screen to sign the document as usual, then tap on “Done”.

How to sign up for email?

Step 1, Go to the official Gmail website at .Step 2, Click on "Create an account. "Step 3, Fill out all fields provided to you on the Google account setup page. You will be required to provide your first and last name, create an email username and password, and provide your date of birth, gender, and mobile phone number.

How do you sign in to Windows Live Mail?

Go to the Windows Live mail sign-in page Type the Windows Live mail URL into your Web browser, and then press Return. The sign-in page appears in your browser. Type your account information Enter your email address and password in the appropriate text boxes, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

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