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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AS400 software system?

AS400 Software is a mid-range server from IBM. Developed in 1988, AS400 iSeries is a foundation product that more than one hundred thousand businesses use today. Although AS400 Software System is not the most powerful software today, it matches the needs of several businesses.

Is IBM AS400 an ERP?

No IBM AS400 is not ERP even though many novice users call it AS400 Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Think of AS400 as an operating system that works as perfectly as Microsoft Windows or Linux.

What are the most common AS400 commands?

Most common AS400 commands are obviously commands which use most of the times by programmers, system administrators and users. What is a CL command ? A CL command usually is made up of three-character words; up to 10 characters (usually three words) can be merged to form commands. Etc… Etc…

Can I send e-mail on the iSeries?

The iSeries comes with tools for sending e-mail messages, but they have their limitations. In this article, I explain how e-mail moves across the Internet, and I present my own utility for sending e-mail — a utility that overcomes the limitations that I’ve faced with the i5/OS tools. What’s Wrong with the i5/OS Tools?

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