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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yahoo a good email provider?

Yahoo Mail is a prominent free email provider that offers a lot of inbox storage, good security, fast upload times and a convenient mobile app that keeps your email easily accessible. The biggest drawback is the number of ads in your inbox, which creates a little bit of a learning curve.

How do I get my Yahoo email account?

Click “Create address” under “Extra email address” and type in the name you want for your second email address. Click Check Availability, then “Choose.” Complete the CAPTCHA when prompted and finally, click on “Go to Inbox.” You can only have one extra Yahoo email address per account.

Is Yahoo Mail better than Gmail?

Gmail is better than Yahoo Mail because it is structured to make more money for Google than Yahoo Mail makes for Yahoo. As a result, Google can afford to put more resources into its email service than Yahoo.

How do you Email Yahoo?

Open a browser window and navigate to your Yahoo! Mail account. Log in with your ID and password. Click "New" and select "Email Message" from the drop-down menu. Enter the recipient's mobile phone number followed by "@" and the SMS gateway in the "To" field.

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