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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my Yahoo Mail Email?

Visit the Yahoo! login page and select the Create New Account button to set up a new Yahoo! email account. A new page appears in which you must provide information that Yahoo! requires to assign you a new email address. Go to the Yahoo! login page Point your Web browser to the Yahoo! login page.

How do I Find my Yahoo mail email address?

Steps Log in to your Yahoo e-mail Find a More button on the toolbar, and click on it to see a pull-down menu Click on "View Full Header" option A "full header" window opens up Scroll to the string called "return-path" and find the e-mail address there

How do I compose email in Yahoo Mail?

To compose a text-only message or convert a rich-text email to plain text in Yahoo! Mail: Click the Compose button in Yahoo Mail to open a new email window or open a draft email you haven't sent yet. Enter the text and other content in the body of the email. Go to the bottom of the email screen and click the three-dot icon for more options.

How do you send messages on Yahoo Mail?

To send an email to all members of a mailing list you set up in Yahoo Mail: Start with a new message. Enter your own Yahoo Mail address in the To: field. Type the name of the mailing list in the Bcc: field. Compose and send the message.

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