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Frequently Asked Questions

What is emailondeck and how does it work?

The main feature of EmailOnDeck is that it offers a temporary email just like its rivals do. The temporary or disposable email it offers can be used in the place of your regular email. With EmailOnDeck, you can access online resources that aren’t accessible unless you provide an email address.

Is emailondeck spam free?

Since EmailOnDeck is a disposable email account, you can keep your primary email free from spam. It is needless to mention how annoying it is when you get constant advertisements from various stores. You can keep your primary email address away from potential spammers by using this type of strategy.

Does emailondeck wipe email addresses?

(2) As with the nature of ephemeral emails, EmailOnDeck does wipe email addresses, inboxes and logs everyday/couple days or so. Once the email address has been wiped, there's no way to recover it, even with the Email Token.

What are the pros and cons of emailondeck?

1 Easy-to-use. The most notable feature associated with EmailOnDeck is that it is a very user-friendly platform. ... 2 EmailOnDeck is secure. One of the common drawbacks associated with most temporary emails is that they are not secured at all. 3 The possibility of getting more than one email address. ...

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