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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Endo mean in slang?

"Endo" is a slang term used by the Resistance to describe an Endoskeleton Terminator.

What does Endo mean in science?

endo-. a combining form meaning “within,” used in the formation of compound words: endocardial.

What is the definition of endo?

Wiktionary(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate this definition: endo(Noun) marijuana endo(Noun) A bike trick where the bike is ridden on the front wheel. Also known as a stoppie. Endo(ProperNoun) English translation of the Japanese surname u9060u85E4.

What does the medical abbreviation Endo mean?

Endodontists are dentists who specialize in maintaining teeth through endodontic therapy -- procedures, involving the soft inner tissue of the teeth, called the pulp. The word "endodontic" comes from "endo" meaning inside and "odont" meaning tooth. Like many medical terms,...

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