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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they speak English in Japan?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012. Do they speak English? Certain areas in Tokyo are known to have higher number of English speakers from North America, Europe and Australia, while other areas are known to have large numbers of residents from mainland China and South Korea who speak both Japanese and their native languages.

Can Japanese people speak English?

If you have ever been to Japan, you might have noticed that usually Japanese people can’t speak English, and sometimes get overwhelmed when you talked to them in English. However, by far most of those people (and that includes myself) have studied English for at least 6 years in junior high school and high school.

Do most Japanese know English?

Since WWII English has been compulsory in Junior High schools so pretty much every single person in Japan has studied English but whether or not they feel confident speaking it is another question. Most Japanese are highly educated many have studied English at University or as a hobby at language schools during the boom time of the 1980s and 90s.

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