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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of entertainment?

Definition of entertainment. 1 : the act of entertaining. 2a archaic : maintenance, provision. b obsolete : employment. 3a : amusement or diversion provided especially by performers hired a band to provide entertainment. b : something diverting or engaging: such as. (1) : a public performance. (2) : a usually light comic or adventure novel.

Is music considered entertainment?

Music is more than just an entertainment because it conveys a message. It has become attached to different kinds of personalities that man possesses, that it allows the person to grow in all aspects of life. Music can also be mood setter or can be one’s source of identity and individuality.

What was entertainment like?

Entertainment in the 1800s consisted of activities associated with urban and country areas. People in urban areas began to find department stores ripe for enjoyment. Those who lived in country areas, mostly out west, relied on more modest forms of entertainment like reading.

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