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Frequently Asked Questions

How to verify your Epic Games account?

If so, you should log in to your console PSN account to verify your account details. Step 1. Click to login with your console account. Step 2. Select the icon for your console type. Step 3. Log in with your console account credentials.

How to recover Epic Games account?

If you are creating a new Epic account and find one already exists using your email address, you can reset its password to reclaim it. Enabling Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the primary tool for protecting your account from unauthorized access.

How do you sign into your epic account?

How to sign up for an Epic Games account. Navigate to from your web browser. Tap the Menu bar in the upper right corner of the web page. Tap the Account icon at the bottom of the list. It looks like a person's shadow. Tap Sign up at the bottom of the screen.

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