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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in what if… episode 8?

What happened in What If…? episode 8? What If…? ‘s eighth episode reimagined the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron with a conclusion in which Ultron himself was victorious. The aptly titled “What If… Ultron Won?” saw the sentient machine inhabit Vision’s body and wipe out all of the Avengers before setting his sights on all of mankind.

Does 'Sex/Life' Season 1 Episode 8 spoilers?

This recap of Netflix’s Sex/Life season 1, episode 8, “This Must Be the Place,” — the ending explained — contains major spoilers. Read the recap of the previous chapter. We have reached the end of Sex/Life season 1, and we can already tell it’s crying for season 2 (I’m sure the audience will feel the same).

What happened in clickbait episode 8?

This recap of the Netflix series Clickbait episode 8, “The Answer,” — the ending explained — contains significant spoilers. Read the series review. In a panic, Sophie rings Pia, she’s looking for Kai.

What happened to Davidi's eye in EastEnders episode 8?

Episode 8 opens with Davidi (played by Guri Alfi) applying a prosthetic eye layer on his wounded eyeball — a past injury that has taunted him all series. He then questions Eran (played by Noam Karmeli ), who is under suspicion of killing the five students.

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