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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get with an equinox membership?

As a member, you get access to our pristine clubs, top-tier equipment, and industry-best programming, but it doesn't end there. You also get virtual workouts with the most talented instructors in the standalone Variis by Equinox app, and one-on-one expertise at home and with Virtual Personal Training and Pilates.

Who owns Equinox gym?

A subsidiary of The Related Companies, Equinox Fitness is a high-end luxury fitness chain headquartered in New York. The plush fitness company owns fitness brands such as Equinox Fitness, PURE Yoga, Blink Fitness and Soul Cycle. It is also known for it’s state-of-art gym facilities and elite clientele.

Is equinox worth it?

If you live in a big city or near an Equinox that has a lot of amenities, a membership is worth it. But if your Equinox club is in a smaller suburb and doesn’t have a lot of amenities, it’s not worth it. You can find the same kind of equipment or take similar group classes at less expensive gyms.

What is a good gym exercise?

Different types of exercise strengthen different muscle groups, for example: For arms, try rowing or cross-country skiing. Pull-ups and push-ups, those old gym class standbys, are also good for building arm muscles. For strong legs, try running, biking, rowing, or skating. Squats and leg raises also work the legs.

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