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Frequently Asked Questions

Which everyday products contain palm oil?

Foods that contain palm oil. Palm oil is found in an estimated 10 percent of U.S. groceries — it’s in chips, crackers, candy, margarine, cereals and canned goods. About 40 millions tons of palm oil, which is considered the cheapest cooking oil in the world, is produced each year, and 85 percent of it comes from Indonesia and Malaysia.

What products are derived from petroleum?

Petrochemicals (also known as petroleum distillates) are chemical products derived from petroleum. Some chemical compounds made from petroleum are also obtained from other fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas, or renewable sources such as corn, palm fruit or sugar cane.

What products are made from used oil?

Used oil is also re-refined into fuel for burning in various heaters, and can also be burned directly for energy. Oil filters are shredded, heated to a molten state and the metals re-used as material for other metal products such as rebar, nails and wire .

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