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Frequently Asked Questions

Does ActiveSync run as a server service with exchange?

Exchange ActiveSync works well for mobile device sync of email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes. You can also use Exchange ActiveSync for some client integration with Exchange; however, it is not designed to be used for server-to-server communications.

Is Exchange ActiveSync a 2 way sync?

Exchange ActiveSync is a protocol. And yes, the protocol allows for two way sync of information. However, depending on what your enterprise admins have setup and are allowing, they may restrict what information can be synced and in what direction.

What is Exchange ActiveSync policy manager broker?

Exchange ActiveSync Policies Broker is the program that implements Exchange ActiveSync policies, which are a way for the administrators of large organizations to manage the security of devices that can access Exchange mailboxes. It runs, presumably, to download and install the latest version of any ActiveSync policies.

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