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Frequently Asked Questions

What is exexchange bank?

Exchange Bank is a community bank offering personal and business banking services including mortgages, home loans and lines of credit and SBA loans.

What is exchange mobile banking?

Mobile Banking allows you to access your Exchange Bank accounts anytime, from anywhere, using your mobile device, even while you’re on the move. Easy login with Touch ID View balance, recent transactions and statements Deposit checks, make payments and transfers Pay other people using POPMoney Learn more Aboutus Careers News Room

What is the ownership of the Exchange Bank?

“The ownership structure that we have at the Exchange Bank is very unique in America. 50.3% of the Bank is controlled by the Doyle Trust, a trust established in 1948 by Frank Doyle upon his death.

What is the Exchange Bank Employee Assistance Program?

Exchange Bank offers a 24/7 Employee Assistance Program, providing valuable benefits to address various life challenges for employees and their families. Home and consumer loan discounts, employee checking accounts and safe deposit boxes are available to all Exchange Bank employees.

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