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Frequently Asked Questions

Can bank Freeze my bank account?

A bank can freeze your account when it suspects that you are using your account illegally, such as for money laundering or cashing back checks. Sometimes a bank also freezes an account in correlation to terrorist financing.

What is exchange banking?

Exchange Bank is the winner of the Healthiest Companies in the North Bay award. Exchange Bank offers an exceptional total rewards package that includes: Medical, dental/vision, life insurance, long term disability insurance, flexible spending account plans, long term care insurance and more.

What is home Exchange Bank?

Home Exchange Bank was founded in May 1925 and is based in Jamesport, Missouri. The bank operates as a subsidiary of Country Bancshares, Inc.. According to the FDIC and based on the institution's charter type, Home Exchange Bank is classified as a commercial bank, state charter and Fed nonmember, supervised by the FDIC.

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