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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of excluding?

Definition of 'excluding'. excluding. You use excluding before mentioning a person or thing to show that you are not including them in your statement. Consumer prices, excluding those for food and energy, rose 2.4 per cent. Excluding water, half of the body's weight is protein.

What is another word for excluding?

Synonyms for Excluding: n. v. •excluding (verb) Eradicating, disqualifying, Renouncing, relegating, Prohibiting, Repudiating, Proscribing, forbidding, Amputating, banning, Ignoring. Other synonyms: • solely, Omitting, but, Excepting, except, net, aside from, Excepted.

What is the definition of excluded?

Definition of exclusion 1 : the act or an instance of excluding 2 : the state of being excluded 1 : the act of excluding or state of being excluded specifically : refusal of entry into the U.S. by immigration officials review of deportation and exclusion orders — compare deportation 2 : something that excludes or is excluded: as

What is the abbreviation for excluding?

Excluding is abbreviated as Ex. (also excl, excl., exclud., EX or Excl)

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