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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the major imports and exports of Japan?

The major exports of Japan are cars, computers and electronic devices. The Japanese economy is the fourth largest in the world and ranks as the No. 4 exporter.

What are some products exported from Japan?

Japan's Top 10 Exports Vehicles: US$122.6 billion (19.1% of total exports) Machinery including computers: $121.8 billion (19%) Electrical machinery, equipment: $102.6 billion (16%) Optical, technical, medical apparatus: $37.5 billion (5.8%) Plastics, plastic articles: $25.6 billion (4%) Iron, steel: $22.8 billion (3.6%) Organic chemicals: $14.9 billion (2.3%) More items...

What is imported and exported from Japan?

The large amount of imports and exports makes Japan the 5th largest importer and exporter in the world. Along with petroleum, which makes up 15.5 percent of all Japan's imports, the nation also imports large quantities of natural gas, coal, clothing, semiconductors and audio/visual equipment.

What foods does Japan Export?

Japan imports about 60% of its food. Though the country usually is self-sufficient in rice, eggs, mandarin oranges and whale meat, it imports many basic goods, such as soybeans and cooking oil.

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