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Frequently Asked Questions

What is expressexpress imaging services?

Express Imaging Services (EIS) provides advanced solutions in the requisition of medical records for life insurance and financial professionals across the nation. EIS utilizes secure portals and advanced technology to transfer and receive confidential information between provider and requester, anywhere is the world.

How do I login to my expressjs server?

Click on the link "Please Login Here!" and navigate to the login page. Enter a username and password, then submit. After submitting the form, you should see the username and password you entered displayed in the web browser. ExpressJS is a NodeJS framework used to create web server software.

What is expressexpressjs?

ExpressJS is a NodeJS framework used to create web server software. Web servers route user requests to send back an appropriate response. A get request responds with data stored on the server and is commonly used to navigate a user to the appropriate web page.

How do I process a form in expressjs?

Process a User Login Form with ExpressJS One way to accept user input into your Node application is by using an HTML <form> element. To use the form data submitted by users we'll need a Node.js server application to parse it. ExpressJS is a handy framework that simplifies the process of creating server applications.

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