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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of expressions?

The three most common types of expressions are arithmetic expressions, which contain one variable, numbers and simple operations; polynomial expressions, which contain more than one variable; and algebraic expressions, which can contain all of the above in addition to exponents, or powers.

Does an expression have a solution?

A difference between expressions and equations is what each represents. An expression shows a math relationship. One key to an expression is that there is no solution. An expression does not have an answer. An expression, however, can be evaluated.

Is this expression a perfect square?

A perfect square is a quadratic expression that factors into two identical binomials. ... Therefore, the quadratic expression x2 + 4x + 4 is a perfect square since it factors into two identical binomials which are (x+ 2) and (x+ 2).

How does the expression go?

The expression is "to have a go at (not with) something.". It means "to try to do something" but in a very special context. Here is an example: Bob: This door seems to be stuck.

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