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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a high fasting insulin level mean?

High fasting insulin is a marker of metabolic problems and may contribute to some of them as well. Elevated fasting insulin is a hallmark of the metabolic syndrome, the quintessential modern metabolic disorder that affects 24% of Americans (NHANES III).

What is considered a high fasting insulin level?

A normal fasting blood insulin level is below 5, but ideally you'll want it below 3. If your insulin level is higher than 3 to 5, the most effective way to optimize it is to reduce or eliminate all forms of dietary sugar, particularly fructose. You can also use a simple glucose test to check your fasting glucose level.

Can you take insulin while fasting?

Long-Acting Insulin. If you usually take long-acting insulin in the morning, take half your usual dose on the morning of the fasting day. If you usually take it at bedtime, take half your usual dose the night before the fasting day.

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